Employment & Welfare

Employment & Welfare

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As per theAct of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE), any Sri Lankan who leaves for employment overseas shall obtain SLBFE registration prior to leaving the country.

Three years’ validity period of SLBFE registration is allowed for Sri Lankan employees who come to the Republic of Korea. After completing the 3-year contract period, the employee shall renew registration for another 1 year and 10 months. In the event of change of employer, the employee needs to obtain a new registration for the remainder of his or her contract period.

Details of registration fees are as follows:

Details of registration fees are as follows
No. Item NBT
Payable (Rs)
01. Initial Registration fee
310 2,327 17,837 - First time for foreign employment
- Due to change of employer of the worker.
02. RenewalRegistration fees
65 490 3,755 - After completion of initial contract period, and wishing to continue employment with the same sponsor

The employee could renew the SLBFE registration from the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Seoul without paying the taxes (NBT and VAT) .The registration can be obtained from the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Seoul after submitting the following documents along with the relevant payments.

  • Employee’s Passport
  • Alien Registration Card
  • Duly completed application form (Can be collected from the Embassy / can be downloaded from the Embassy website.

The SLBFE uses the registration fees to support the mandatory welfare measures related to Sri Lankan employees who work outside of Sri Lanka and their family members. In this regard, the SLBFE provides the food and medical support, emergency repatriation expenses in case of illness and/or death, and repatriation of human remains to Sri Lanka if required.

Every Sri Lankan employee who has registered with the SLBFE is entitled to the insurance coverage and can obtain its benefits in the event of the following incidents:

  • Repatriation due to harassment, illness, accident or injury while working the abroad during the contract period
  • Repatriation due to pregnancy as a result of sexual harassment by a sponsor or his family members while working the abroad during the contract period.
  • Death due to any cause whilst working abroad.
  • Death in Sri Lanka within 3 months of return due to a critical illness or accident which occurred while working abroad during the contract period.
  • Partial disablement which has occurred while working abroad during the contract period.
  • Cost of hospitalisation and medical treatment (indoor) in case of accidents, injuries or illness of a family member.

In addition, SLBFE provides the following welfare facilities for registered employees and their family members.

  • Facilitation of low interest loan schemes with concessionary interest rates for housing, pre-departure, self–employment
  • Provision of scholarships for school children, university students and technical college students of the Sri Lankan employees.
  • Welfare assistance for needy migrant workers.

More Details:- http://www.slbfe.lk/page.php?LID=1&MID=39

Click here to download SLBFE Registration and Renewal Form