Trade & Investment

Trade & Investment

Industry: Food, Seafood, Farming, Bakery

Food, beverage, Wine, Coffee, Tea

Name of the event Date Venue Exhibits Website
Seoul Café and Bakery Fair 2021.03.04 ~ 07 SETEC Coffee, Tea, Bakery, dessert, beverages
Suwon Café and Bakery Fair 2021.06.10 ~ 13 SCC Coffee, Tea, Bakery, dessert, beverages
Café and Bakery Fair 2021.10.14 ~ 17 KINTEX Coffee, Tea, Bakery, dessert, beverages
Busan Café Show 2021.06.23~26 BEXCO Coffee, Tea, dessert, café equipment
Seoul Intl Home Meal Replacement Show 2021.05.05~07 COEX All categories of ready-to-eat products
Seoul International Wines & Spirits Expo 2021.07.02~04 COEX Wine, beer, spirits, related accessories, related food, equipment, shipping, packaging
K-Tea Festival 2021.08.26~29 COEX Korean traditional tea, tea ceremony utensils, wood crafts, metal crafts, etc.
Coex Food Week 2021.11.24 ~ 27 COEX Food & beverage, Food machinery & kitchen utensil, bakery, dessert, food tech, food packaging
Seoul Food 2021 2021.07.27 ~ 30 KINTEX Food, food processing machinery, packing machinery, hotel and restaurant equipment
Seoul International Café Show 2021.11.10 ~ 13 COEX Coffee, Tea, Bakery, Dessert, raw Material, machine & equipment
Busan International Food Expo (BOFOOD 2021) 2021.06.23~26 BEXCO General Food

Agriculture, Forestry, Farming of Animals

Name of the event Date Venue Exhibits Website
Seoul Int’l Seafood Show 2021.05.05 ~07 COEX All categories of fresh/processed seafood
International Horticulture Goyang Korea 2021.04.30~05.16 Ilsan Lake Park Plants and flowers, equipment, landscaping

Industry: Machinery, materials, electronics, electricity, Rubber, Marine

Name of the event Date Venue Exhibits Website
Korea International Plastics, Rubber show 2021. 09.13~16 KINTEX Raw materials, processing machinery, semi-finished products
Kormarine 2021. 10.19~21 Bexco Shipbuilding, offshore, oil & gas
Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show October (TBA) KINTEX Machine Tool, Press & Metal forming & welding & cutting-off robotics
Korea International Machinery Expo 2021.05.12~15 CECO Productive technology, automation, smart factory,measuring,text,materials
The Technology Fair October (TBA) KINTEX Automation, Motion control, smart factory, robotics,3D printing
Korea Metal Week 2021.09.01~03 KINTEX Fastener, wire, foundry,press, forging, tube, pipe, 3D, tool, etc.
Korea International Boat Show 2021.10.01~03 KINTEX Boat & Yacht, Work-boat, water sports, marine equipment, etc.
Korea Electronics Show 2021.10.26~29 COEX Electronics
Korea Ocean Expo November(TBA) BEXCO Marine safety equipment, workboat, small & medium marine equipment
Offshore Korea December (TBA) Songdo Convensia Offshore plant/relevant equipment & materials, marine resources exploration and development
Korea MAT 2021 2021.05.25~28 KINTEX Transport logistics, SCM solution & retail, cold-chain solution, fulfillment and warehousing system

Industry: Medical, health, medicine, cosmetics

Name of the event Date Venue Exhibits Website
Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show 2021.03.18~21 COEX Diagnostic equipment, clinical laboratory equipment, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, etc.
Korea Pharm & Bio 2021.05.25~28 KINTEX pharmaceuticals, ingredients, health ingredients, etc.
International Cosmetic Ingredient & Technology Exhibition 2021.05.25~28 KINTEX Raw materials and ingredients, contract services and outsourcing, analytical service
COPHEX 2021 2021.05.25~28 KINTEX Biopharma and cosmetic manufacturing, packaging machinery & materials
Cosmobeauty Seoul 2021.07.02~04 COEX Cosmetics, Spa, packaging, hair, make-up, body, fashion, etc.
In-cosmetics Korea 2021.07.14~16 COEX Cosmetics ingredients

Industry: Furniture

Name of the event Date Venue Exhibits Website
Korea International Furniture & Interior Fair (KOFURN) 2021.08.26~29 KINTEX Furniture & interior, woodworking machine, material, home networking

Industry: Safety, safe equipment

Name of the event Date Venue Exhibits Website
International Security Exhibition & Conference 2021.05.12~14 KINTEX Video surveillance, access control, IT security

Industry: IT, Internet, Telecommunication

Name of the event Date Venue Exhibits Website
World IT Show 2021.04.21~23 COEX 5G, IoT, IT security, smart devices
IoT Korea Exhibition 2021.10.20 ~ 22 COEX IoT application services, IoT convergence products, IoT security, IoT device, etc.

Industry: Total Exposition

Name of the event Date Venue Exhibits Website
Import Goods Fair (IGF) June (TBA) COEX Food, household goods, IT, Small appliances, specialty products, etc.