Visa - General Information (ETA)

  • An intended traveler planning a holiday visit, a short business trip or to transit, needs to apply and obtain an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) online prior to arrival in Sri Lanka.

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  • The following categories are eligible for Visa exemptions.
    • Sri Lankan dual citizens
    • Children whose births have been registered under section 5(2) of Citizenship Act-1948 up to 21years of age
    • Children born in Sri Lanka if they are under 21 years of age even when they hold foreign passports.
  • The following nationals & categories are exempt from ETA.
    • The Republic of Singapore
    • The Republic of Maldives
    • The Republic of Seychelles
    • Crew members of flights /ships
    • Children under 12 years of age (only ETA processing fee is exempt)
  • The types of ETA
    • ETA for Tourist purpose with double entry for 30 (thirty) days
    • ETA for Business purpose with multiple entry for 30 (thirty) days
    • ETA for Transit up to 02 days Free of Charge basis (Document proof needed)
  • ETA application can be submitted using one of the following options:
    • By the applicant or third party online - Please visit -
    • At the Sri Lanka Embassy in Seoul, Republic of Korea
    • At the Head Office of the Department of Immigration & Emigration of Sri Lanka
    • On arrival at the Port of Entry
  • Persons intending to visit Sri Lanka for 30 days or less can apply for ETA online. If visa is required for more than 30 days the intended travelers must visit and apply for visa at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Seoul. Visa can be obtained at the Embassy for a maximum period of 90 days after receiving the approval from the Department of Immigration & Emigration of Sri Lanka.
  • Visa Categories:
    • Tourist visa
    • Business Visa
    • Gratis Visa
    • Journalist Visa
    • Transit Visa
    • Residence Visa
  • Tourist/Business ETA cannot be converted into a Residence Visa to obtain a Residence Visa, it is necessary to arrive in Sri Lanka on an Entry Visa processed through the Department of Immigration & Emigration of Sri Lanka after submission of necessary supporting documents.

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  • ETA holder is entitled to enter Sri Lanka within three months from the date of issuance of ETA
  • It is advisable to keep a copy of the ETA approval with you to be produced at the port of entry in Sri Lanka.
  • All ETA holders must fulfill the following requirements at the port of entry.
    • A Passport valid for not less than 6 months from the date of arrival.
    • A confirmed return ticket
    • Sufficient funds to meet the expenses during the stay.
  • For travelers who wish to visit Sri Lanka without prior approval, a limited facility to obtain ETA at the airport is available. Additional fees will apply.
  • Diplomatic and Official Passport holders should not apply for Tourist/Business ETA on their official visits.
  • The traveler should not engage in any form of employment, paid or unpaid or in any trade or business other than that specified in the visa during the period of stay in Sri Lanka.
  • Online ETA facility is not available for under mentioned purposes.
    • To participate in Media/Journalist conferences/workshops/seminars etc.
    • To engage in meetings, seminars, conferences etc. with political parties and/or groups.
    • To participate in official events, meetings etc.
    • To engage in the activities carried out by the NGOs or INGOs
    All applicants may obtain the relevant visa either from the Sri Lanka Embassy in Seoul. Republic of Korea or from the Visa Division of the Department of Immigration & Emigration of Sri Lanka, by submitting proof of evidence for the above purposes.

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