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Sacred day of Vesak celebrated by Sri Lankans in the Republic of Korea

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Sacred day of Vesak celebrated by Sri Lankans in the Republic of Korea


 The thrice blessed day of Vesak was celebrated by Sri Lankans living across the Republic of Korea including at the Korea – Sri Lanka Mahaviharaya in Asan. 


 A large number of Sri Lankan and South Korean Buddhist devotees gathered at the temple to mark this sacred day in traditional Sri Lankan manner. The Chief Incumbent of the temple, Ven. Thalgamuwe Dhammakitti thero together with Sri Lankan monks conducted the religious observances, with the participation of South Korean Buddhist monks. 


 The event featured a ‘dansala’ or serving of alms to those gathered and recitation of devotional songs and dances, including by the children of the temple Sunday school.  The Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the Republic of Korea Savitri Panabokke participated at the Vesak celebrations at the temple.  She made congratulatory remarks and participated in the lighting of the colourful Vesak lantern, together with Korean and Sri Lankan distinguished guests.