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Seoul Friendship Festival 2024 showcases Sri Lankan handicrafts and food

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Seoul Friendship Festival 2024 showcases Sri Lankan handicrafts and food


 The Embassy of Sri Lanka in the Republic of Korea participated at the 2024 Seoul Friendship Festival (SFF 2024) from 24th - 26th May 2024 with a view to promoting Sri Lanka’s tourist attractions, rich cultural heritage, cuisine and handicrafts in the Republic of Korea. The SFF is an event that showcases diverse cultures from around the world among South Koreans and international travelers. Sri Lanka had two booths at the event, one in the Embassy Zone and the other in the Food Zone. 


 The Sri Lanka booth at the Embassy Zone provided visitors with an introduction to the country's handicrafts which have been made for generations by artisans from around the country.  This included handmade lace, woodcrafts, handloom products, woven reed items and soft toys.  It also afforded visitors with the opportunity to learn more about and purchase Sri Lankan traditional crafts. The Photo Cube at the event also depicted Sri Lanka's tourist attractions, which gained the interest of many visitors, who expressed their intent to visit the country.


 Visitors to the Food Zone were able to taste traditional Sri Lankan food, sweets and beverages such as roti and seeni sambol, milk rice and lunu miris, cutlets, kokis, aluwa and famed Ceylon Tea.  


 The 2024 Seoul Friendship Festival was held under the theme of ‘Seoul and the World Through Culture”. Embassies and cultural centers from 70 countries participated at the event which attracted a large number of visitors.