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Sri Lankan traditional dances and songs featured at Hadong multicultural festival

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Sri Lankan traditional dances and songs featured at Hadong multicultural festival


Sri Lankan migrant workers residing in the Republic of Korea showcased their talents by performing the famed “Ves” dance and fire dance, as well as songs, during the Hadong tea and multicultural festival held on 4th and 5th May 2024 in South Korea. 


Sri Lanka’s cuisine was also featured at the festival with the country booth offering a variety of food such as hoppers, rice and curry, wade, as well as traditional sweetmeats such as kevum, kokis and welithalapa.

Sri Lankan migrant workers and their families living in the Republic of Korea were among those who attended the event. 


Speaking at the festival, the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the Republic of Korea Savitri Panabokke highlighted the importance of culture as a means of connecting people and promoting harmony. She thanked Ven. Youngdam, Chief incumbent of the Ssangyesa temple for organizing this festival. Among the distinguished guests at the event was Ven. Katuwana Vijithawansa thero, Chief incumbent of the Daegu Sri Lankaramaya temple.  Sri Lanka’s participation at the event was coordinated by Ven. Gammedegama Muditha thero.


The festival featured performers from several countries such as China, the Philippines, Mongolia and the Republic of Korea. 

The event served to promote Sri Lanka’s culture and cuisine and contributed to fostering greater people to people ties and cultural linkages between Sri Lanka and the Republic of Korea.