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Embassy in the ROK aggressively promotes Economic Diplomacy through Webinars.

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 The Commercial Division of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in the Republic of Korea has been tenaciously and aggressively promoting economic, investment and commercial activity with particular focus on exports from Sri Lanka to the RoK and attraction of foreign direct investments (FDIs) and international joint ventures, amongst others, to boost and augment the economy of Sri Lanka, given the slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the last couple of months, the Embassy in Seoul conducted webinars to promote the exports of tea to the RoK, establish linkages for processing of gems and jewelry as well as exports to the RoK, use Sri Lanka as a hub for boat manufacturing and ship building and high-level meeting with the President and top most management of Hanseo University to establish a branch (FDI) in Sri Lanka, amongst others.


The webinar on promotion of tea to the Republic of Korea with the key participants and speakers

 The Embassy in close coordination with the Tea Association of Korea and Sri Lanka Tea Board as well as a large number of importers of Ceylon Tea and potential importers conducted a 90-minute webinar, which included a short video of Ceylon Tea, addresses by Mr. Jayampathi Molligoda, Chairman of Sri Lanka Tea Board; Mr. Niraj De Mel, Deputy Chairman of Ceylon Tea Brokers PLC; Mr. Shawn S. Jung, Chairman of Tea Association of Korea and opening and closing remarks by Ambassador Dr. A. Saj U. Mendis and Ms. Rekha Mallikarachchi, Minister Counsellor (Commercial) of the Embassy of Sri Lanka respectively. 

 Ambassador Dr. Mendis stated in his opening remarks that the quantum of cups of tea sold in year 2016 has increased by three times, now, thus clearly and lucidly manifesting the growing demand of tea in the RoK. The Chairman of Sri Lanka Tea Board and Deputy Chairman of Ceylon Tea Brokers PLC accentuated and illustrated the utility and benefits of tea for health and wellbeing as well as the illustrious history of tea in Sri Lanka for nearly two centuries. Over 80 business houses and importers as well as interested parties pro-actively participated at this fascinating webinar titled “Ceylon Tea Tasting”.



Meeting with the Chairman of KGTA and top management by the Ambassador and officials of the Embassy of Sri Lanka to the Republic of Korea  


The webinar of Sri Lanka – RoK Gems and Jewelry with select participants and speakers

 The Embassy in close collaboration with Korea Gem Trade Association known as KGTA and National Gem and Jewelry Authority (NGJA) of Sri Lanka conducted a webinar, along with comprehensive graphic presentations, in order to promote exports of gems and jewelry to the ROK. Mr. Tilak Weerasinghe, Chairman of NGJA and Mr. Hong Jae Young, Chairman of KGTA as well as the Ambassador Dr. Mendis and Minister Counsellor Ms. Mallikarachchi, amongst others, addressed the webinar. 

 One of the key attributes was to encourage and lure the corporate houses specialized in gems and precious stones to be engaged with Sri Lanka in the sphere of gems and jewelry leading to international joint ventures. Further, the speakers stated that Sri Lanka possesses exquisite craftsmanship and sophisticated creativity, blended with modern technology, thus focusing on excellence on designing and fashioning making Sri Lanka a unique hub for gems and jewelry in Asia. 

This webinar too was attended by a large number of participants from both ends of the equation.


The Webinar on boat and shipbuilding with the Chairman of KOMSSIC and Managing Director of BTI as well as Ambassador Dr. Mendis and select corporate participants

 Since Sri Lanka has the capacity and technical know-how in boat and shipbuilding industry for many decades, the Embassy in close cooperation with Korea Medium & Small Shipbuilding Industry Cooperative (KOMSSIC) and Sri Lanka Boat Building Industry conducted a webinar to profile and project the capacities of Sri Lanka in this sphere. Mr. Gamini Herath, Managing Director of Boat Building Technology Improvement Institute (BTI) and Mr. Bae Chui-nam, Executive Director of KOMSSIC made presentations and addresses of the capacities, necessities and requirements of this sector. Both Ambassador Dr. Mendis and Commercial Minister Counsellor Ms. Mallikarachchi delivered the opening and closing remarks. 

 Dr. Mendis stated that this sector has a distinct advantage to become a hub in the entire Asian region due to its strategic location, highly trainable and adaptable workforce, state-of-the-art technology, proven expertise and advantage of cost of labor, amongst others.


The President of Hanseo University and senior most management/faculty with Ambassador and officials of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in the RoK at the corporate office of the President

 Since Sri Lanka does not possess a well-equipped aviation training school of international standing, the Embassy had a high level meeting with the President Dr. Ki Sun Ham and the top most management of Hanseo University of Korea with a view to assure the University to invest in an “Aviation University” in Sri Lanka. 

The arrangements were made by Mr. S.C. Byun, a leading Korean corporate captain based in Sri Lanka and the Chairman of Korean Residents Association of Sri Lanka. The meeting was attended by Ambassador Dr. Mendis and Minister Commercial Counsellor Ms. Mallikarachchi at the Hanseo University. 

The Hanseo University is a private entity which has one of the largest fleets of aircraft including a Boeing 737 and Cessna corporate jet and a number of other aircrafts not only in the region but in the world. The University offers a diverse programs including advanced pilot licenses, flight training, avionics training and other disciplines in airline industry, amongst others. 

It is strongly anticipated that given the economic, commercial and investment milieu of Sri Lanka, that these initiatives and business propositions with the Republic of Korea would fructify, thus accruing economic utility to the economy of the country.


29th March 2021

Seoul, Republic of Korea