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The Migrant Workers of Sri Lanka in the Republic of Korea offer Alms & Pirikara to the Priests in order to invoke blessings to the recently deceased Sri Lankan, Mr. Dinesh Sampath Wijesingha, at Korea-Sri Lanka Mahaviharaya Temple

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Ambassador Dr. Mendis praying to the Lord Buddha and may witness to the left, a photograph of the deceased Sri Lankan brother, Mr. Dinesh Sampath Wijesingha


Most Venerable Dr. Thalagamuwe Dhammakitti Thero and other respective Priests along with the large migrant community of Sri Lanka had organized a religious event on 16th February 2020 to invoke blessings to the recently deceased Sri Lankan brother, Mr. Dinesh Sampath Wijesingha, who lived in the City of Yesan. Ambassador Dr. A. Saj U. Mendis, Counsellor of Labor and Welfare, Mr. Senarath Yapa and other officials from the Embassy participated at this religious ceremony at the Korea-Sri Lanka Mahaviharaya Temple, which is over 100 Km from the City of Seoul. A large number of Sri Lankans were present at this religious Ceremony despite the inclement weather of heavy snowing and temperature of minus 12 degrees, thus signifying the friendship, brotherhood and virtuous life led by Mr. Wijesingha. The Most Venerable Dr. Dhammakitti Thero delivered a moving and emotional yet enlightening sermon enunciating the uncertainty of one’s life, ones a person is born in this world. In this context, Most Venerable stated that Mr. Dinesh Wijesingha, unfortunately, epitomized this uncertainty by leaving all of us at a relatively young age due to an industrial accident. A large number of migrants and expatriates of Sri Lanka as well as from other countries were present at this religious ceremony. All devotees and guests (migrants of Sri Lanka) were given food, which were prepared by the Sri Lankans themselves, to all who were present at the Ceremony.